Discover a Life Rights retirement option



A Life Right is the purchase of the right to live in a specific unit. It is a real right, giving one the security of tenure for the remainder of one's life. In South Africa, The Life Rights scheme has been officially recognised by the Housing Schemes for Retired Persons Act of 1988. An advantage of Life Rights is that there is no transfer duty or VAT payable on Life Rights, reducing your up-front costs, as there are no title deeds and no registration fees.

A Life Right is a type of transaction where the purchaser and his / her spouse obtain the right to live in a specific dwelling for the duration of their life time after which capital is returned.

A Life Right is the highest form of personal rights and is protected by law making this a safe and secure investment. The comfort of a secured return on investment without the hassle of maintenance, preparation of meals, concerns with security and convenient access to on-site services and facilities makes considering a Life Right a worthwhile option.

1. Security of Tenure - This is the foundation of a Life Right. The Life Right purchase model confers the right of occupation for the remainder of your and your spouse’s life.

2. Physical Security - Security must be transparent and outlined in the agreement. E.g. Electric fencing, 24 hour guards, CCTV cameras, panic buttons and emergency armed response.

3. Health Security - The contract must be clear regarding health care in your unit before moving to retirement facility. Is there a nurse call facility and 24 hour emergency care? Where is the closest frail care facility?

4. Financial Security - Levies and operating costs are transparent and affordable, allowing forward-planning based on predictable costs.